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Elena Ryndina

Romantic and loving couple

A romantic and loving couple. This duet will surprise and delight even the most sophisticated soul! It will always remind your soul mate of you, it will be a great gift for newlyweds or for a wedding anniversary for an experienced family.


Romantic and loving couple

Price for one doll: 45 €
Price for a couple: 80 €

Textile dolls, seated, bamboo frame, filler – synthetic winterizer, synthetic hair, acrylic paints (bull’s face), floss (unicorn’s face). Height 43 cm bull, 31 cm unicorn. The unicorn’s dress and scarf are removable, additionally – an elegant dress for a special occasion.
All the impossible will become possible!

Lady in Black

Lady in Black. A toy, a souvenir, a rabbit, a doll … It’s all about this infinitely cute creature that can become a wonderful gift for Easter and not only. Hurry – the rabbits are scattering!

Lady in Black

Price per doll: 55 €

Description and materials: Textile doll, height 42 cm, filler – synthetic winterizer, synthetic hair, floss (face). Guipure dress (not removable).

Cat house

The cat had a new home …
The dress is new on her
It costs a thousand rubles.
Yes, half a thousand – braid,
Gold fringe.
The cat will go out for a walk
Let him walk down the lane.
People are watching without breathing:
How good she is! “

Who remembers this play by Marshak?

The kit includes:

No basket,
There is a picture
No little dog
There is a kitty
3 dresses, 2 bags,
Rug, mattress, blanket and pillows.

You can also order:
Trousers … like five …
A basket, another picture, a cardboard box,
Well, and a little dog!

Who is interested, write
And confirm your order …
Tell us what you want ..
Accept my gratitude❣

Cat house

Price: 70 €
Delivery not included

Description and materials: Textile doll, height 33 cm, filler – synthetic winterizer, floss (face and hair).

Pink bull

Очень гламурный и музыкальный бычок. Эта забавная  кукла создаст чарующую атмосферу, где бы она ни находилась. Как нельзя лучше подойдёт в качестве подарка на Новый 2021 год.

Pink bull

Price per doll: 45 €

Description and materials: Textile doll, seated, height 41 cm, removable vest, bamboo frame, padding – synthetic winterizer, acrylic paints (face).



My name is Elena Ryndina. I was born in Nizhny Novgorod and have been living in Alicante (Spain) for the last 17 years. Since childhood I like to sew, first – dolls, then – myself. I was professionally interested in making dolls a year and a half ago, and now I cannot stop. Textile dolls won my heart. I hope you like them as much as I like them

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