Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt

Anastasia Goleneva

Mr. Artichoke. Lamp

Mr. Artichoke. Lamp
Price: not for sale

Author’s doll, made using primed textile technique, height 42 cm. Materials: cotton, acrylic paints, Sennelier ink, dry pastels, oil pencils, acrylic varnish, jacquard, vintage silk, electric light bulb, cord with switch and plug.



Higher education, artist, fashion designer, I have been doing dolls for 10 years. I develop new technologies and patterns in the field of textile dolls. Each work begins with a detailed sketch, which is converted into a pattern with many details. I love experimenting with color and texture. For 6 years I have been developing a project for an online school of textile dolls. More than 6,000 students around the world

2019 winner of the PANDORA PLATINUM competition

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