Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt


Oksana Nikolskaya

Rose Champagne

Idea: a woman is a beautiful flower.

Rose Champagne

Price: 685€

Height 59 cm
Materials: Paperclay, Jovy, silk, acrylic.



Oksana Nikolskaya (ArtNikol)

The official debut took place in Kiev at Fashionable Lyalka 2017.

In the same 2017:

Max-Oscar-Arnold Competition (Germany) – victory

in the nomination young artist. (The work Beauty Requires Sacrifice)


Max-Oscar-Arnold Competition (Germany) – victory in the nomination of a caricature doll. (Rope Work)

Competition “Royal Beer Court” in Tallinn – “Cheerful Drunkard” fifth place.

Online competition “Doll of the Year” from the magazine “Puppet Master” – victory in the nomination “The Reverse Side of the Moon” (Work “Cheerful Drunkard”)

Online competition “Pro Chess Project” – 1st place (Work “Black Pawn”)


Gaudir.International doll competition – Special diploma (Work “Rope”)

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