Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt

Elena Grazhule


Work idea: Guys from our yard

Price: 120 €

Material: Paper Clay
Size: 29 cm with stand


Idea of ​​work: Dwarfs

Price: 100 €

Material: Paper Clay
Size: 29 cm with stand



I live in Riga, Latvia. She started working on a designer doll relatively recently, 6 years ago. I have my main job, but dolls have become my hobby, which gives me incredible pleasure.
Having tried different materials and techniques, I settled on plastics, mainly I use self-hardening plastic.
She studied with great Masters – Elena Kunina, Nadezhda Tsiganovskaya, Olga Egupets, Oksana and Andrey Panchenko, Irina Cherepanova, Anna Zueva, Tamara Pivnyuk. And I continue to study to this day.

In 2016 she took part in an exhibition in Riga dedicated to the days of Russian culture and education in Latvia (laureate of the fine arts competition “The Age of Russian Cinema”). She also took part in other local exhibitions.
In 2018, my dolls took part in a doll exhibition in Israel, Arad.
Also in 2018 I took part in the online project “Fashion History” and my doll participated in the “Panna Doll’ya” exhibition in Minsk, Belarus.
In 2019 she took part for the first time
in the international exhibitions “NUKUKUNST” in Tallinn, Estonia and “Doll Prague” in Prague, Czech Republic.
I love making dolls. I enjoy learning from the Masters.
I like to bring joy to people with my dolls.

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