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Elena Pavlova

Sir Gerald from Rivia

Sir Gerald, from Rivia, sat down to rest and thought… In his hand he has a seal of a genie and he thinks of his most cherished desire.

Sir Gerald from Rivia
Price: 700 €

The doll is made in a mixed technique, 50 cm.

Heroes of all time

Heroes for all time. The song tells the story of the friendship and journey of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Ahead of them waiting for a lot of adventures, victories, sadness and joy. But they do not give up and are always ready to come to the aid of those who are waiting for them.

Heroes for All Time
Price: 800 €

55 cm, mixed technique

Children's dream

A child’s dream. Every girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and dancing the main part in ballet. The dancer’s costume is made according to the sketches for the ballet “Don Quixote”

Children's Dream
Price: 700 €

The doll is made in a single copy, in a mixed technique 55 cm.

Dolls composition "Muse"

Dolls composition "Muse"
Price: 600 €

The dolls are made in a mixed technique., 50 cm.


Pan-ancient Greek god of forests and fields. He loves noise and fun, plays the flute, makes the world more beautiful.

Doll "PAN"
Price: 300 €

The doll is made in a single copy, mixed technique, 45 cm.



My name is Elena. I live in the beautiful city of Tbilisi. I have only been in the beautiful world of dolls for a few years. I love fairy tales and I love to make fairy tale characters, they can be beautiful, funny, scary, but always kind.

I work with both baked and self-hardening polymer clay, I like to experiment with fabric and texture. I try to give each doll with feelings, emotions, and I want the viewer to feel the character of my dolls.

My dolls were exhibited at the author’s doll festival Artdoll Tbilisi 2016, Artdoll Tbilisi 2018, Artdoll Tbilisi 2019, took part in various online contests.

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