Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt

Galina Saitova


Last year I started a series of images based on the novels of Alexandre Dumas. The first was the Count of Monte Cristo.

This year I was working on the image of Milady Winter, a super spy of the 17th century, with her complex and contradictory character. This is what attracts me to my work. I want to convey all the complexity of her character in the doll.

Milady Winter or just Milady-
this is what Alexandre Dumas called the heroine (antihero) of his novel The Three Musketeers. Milady is a fictional heroine of the novel, but she had real prototypes of the adventurers who inspired Alexandre Dumas to create the image of Milady. She is often called “the devil in a woman’s guise”.

Price: 350 €

The doll is made of baked plastic Living Doll

Height of a doll with a hat -53cm, without a hat 50

Natural hair.

Clothes and other accessories are handmade by me.


The image of this doll is inspired by the children’s poem by Agnia Barto – “The mistress abandoned the bunny”, but according to my version, the owner does not want to part with her beloved rabbit. She loves him

Price: 300 €

The doll is made of baked plastic Living Doll

Sitting doll height: 31 cm.

in width (including the bench) 19 cm.

Natural wool hair

Clothes and other accessories are handmade by me


The doll is made according to a photograph.

This grandmother turns 99, but she came to her granddaughter’s wedding and looks amazing for her age.

The doll is not for sale

The doll is made of baked plastic Living Doll

Sitting doll height 35 cm

Llama hair

clothes and all accessories are handmade by me.



My name is Galina Saitova (Israel, Bat Yam), a member of the Professional Association of artists and masters of applied art Unity Art (direction – decorative and applied art), participant of festivals, exhibitions (both local and international)

I fell in love with art dolls. The ability to convey, with their help, the mood,
feelings, emotions. My first dolls were not intended for exhibitions. I worked as an occupational therapy instructor and the dolls helped me to establish contact with my patients. These were textile dolls, but I wanted to improve my skills and I started learning from the puppeteer masters, as well as in numerous online courses,
studied different techniques: felting, papier-mâché, baked plastic. This helped me to decide and choose for myself the direction in which I am now creating. The knowledge gained helps me in creating the image of a doll. I like to make dolls with portrait likeness, I try to convey character, mood. I see,
how people react to my work and it gives me inspiration to keep working in this direction.

Open to new knowledge, there is a huge number of ideas that are waiting for their embodiment.

Participated in the annual all-Israel exhibitions in Haifa from 2009 to 2013.

In 2015 she participated in the international doll exhibition in Jaffa.

From 2017 to 2019 she participated in the annual international doll exhibition in Arad.

In 2018 she participated in the international doll exhibition in Kiev.

In 2019 she participated in the international exhibition in Jerusalem

She took part in festivals and charity events held in Israel.

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