Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt

Irina Abrasokina


Sometimes it is so easy to get under the influence of a confident person, albeit significantly inferior to you in size. Be careful with brazen squirrels!


Price: 600 € No repetitions

15x39x27 cm mixed technique



Irina Abrasokina.
Founder of the MuñecArt exhibition and the Gaudir designer dolls competition.
I got carried away with dolls about nine years ago, while still living in St. Petersburg.
Even then I realized that dolls are exactly what I would like to devote myself to.
Having moved to Spain, at first I was looking for local doll exhibitions for a long time. Then, when I realized that there was nothing like it in this country, I decided to organize such an exhibition myself. This is how the first MuñecArt was born. After him, a year later, and another, and one more. This season is already the fifth, which, as you can see, is radically different from the previous ones.
I am an extremely purposeful and consistent person. Everything I undertake, I like to do as well as possible, sparing no resources for this.
Perhaps that is why both the exhibition and the competition gained popularity very quickly. The uniqueness of this exhibition is that no one in the world has ever done anything like this before. MuñecArt is the world’s first virtual doll exhibition. Whether it will remain in this format or develop into something else, I do not know yet. Time will tell.
As for my work, I usually make no more than six dolls a year. I like to carry the image for a long time, to think over the details. I only work on what I like and what inspires. That is why I don’t take orders and don’t do repetitions.
Unfortunately, due to the high employment on projects, it became much more difficult to devote time to your own dolls, but the more I appreciate this activity.

Doll’s time – 2014

I MuñecArt – 2016
II MuñecArt – 2017
III MuñecArt – 2018
IV MuñecArt – 2019

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