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Ariel (The Tempest) magical spirit - Ariel (The Tempest)

The character of Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” loves freedom more than anything else, always in a hurry somewhere, ready for any pranks. But, if necessary, then Ariel is the one who can get a star from the sky.

Ariel (The Tempest) Magic Spirit - Ariel (The Tempest)
Price: 70 €

36 cm x 17 cm

La Doll plastic, vintage silk, mother-of-pearl, papier mache, acrylic paints, pastels – for painting.

Ophelia's eyes

The theme was born out of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. There are many interpretations of the characters in the play. Recently, more and more talk about Ophelia. What she was, what she felt, how she saw the world around her. My work is an attempt to show what Ophelia could have seen in the mirror after the tragedy with Polonius.

And besides, Tallinn is a city with one of the most famous works, the medieval “Dance of Death”.

Ophelia's eyes
Price: 150 €

38 cm x 28 cm

Baked plastic, vintage fabrics, vintage metal fittings, glass, plastic, acrylic paints, pastels for painting.



I live in Tallinn (Estonia). I’ve been doing dolls for the last 7 years. It’s my hobby. For the past two years, she has regularly participated in exhibitions that take place in my city. In 2019, she took part in the Art Night competition, which was held in Daugavpils. In addition, she became a participant in such on-line competitions as “Visit of the Lady,” “Perfume,” “12,” “East is a subtle matter”


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