Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt

Elena Tyischuk


Adele and luck

The appearance of hummingbirds was regarded by people as a good sign from above, promising good luck. It is important not to frighten off your luck and take it for good.

Adele and luck

Price: 400 €

Little Adele está hecha de plástico polímero Living Doll, el pelo está hecho de lana natural de cabra, la ropa y los accesorios están hechos a mano. Crecimiento 40cm.



Elena Tyschuk @lelya_artdolls I have been making dolls for only two years, but I fell in love with this activity immediately and forever, this work brings me great joy and pleasure, my dolls are sensitive and vulnerable creatures, they will tell you the rest themselves.

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