Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt


Natalia Melnikova

Sad Cypress

Go away, fly away, death!
Where the sad cypress stands
Let me lie down calmly in the ground!
And then, oh my spirit, evaporate!
Let the branches of the yew wrap
My shroud.
I will share death with my beloved
How glory!

W. Shakespeare. “Twelfth Night”, Act II, sc. 4

Sad Cypress

Price: 100€

Fantasy bear with designer embroidery using the smooth surface technique. Sewn from mohair (Germany), stuffed with sawdust and glass granulate, has five cotter pins, fully movable. Sits alone. Stucco parts from LaDoll, tinted with pastel and covered with acrylic varnish.

Height 28 cm

Single copy

Date of birth July 2020

Lady with a dog

A gothic lady who only loves to walk at night in a park with Victorian benches … paints her lips with mist and weaves a wreath of moth wings … her faithful dog named Echo is always with her.

Lady with a dog

Price: 180€

Materials: LaDoll, acrylic paints, pastel, watercolor paints, antique velvet, sawdust, author’s hand embroidery.

Height 50 cm

Single copy.

Date of birth July 2020



I really like to create unusual dolls …

She started to get involved in designer dolls since 2012. Since then, my dolls have scattered among collectors from near and far abroad.

She took part in exhibitions in Ukraine, but the main achievement at the moment is participation in the international competition “Pandora Platinum 2019”, where she received a special Diploma for the doll “Under the Veil”

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