Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt

Marina Moshkova


Virgo is a warrior from Germanic-Scandinavian mythology. Valkyrie descends from heaven to the battlefield, and only she decides which of the fallen warriors is worthy of ascension to Valhala in order to continue her heroic life there.


Price on request

Livingdoll, sitting height with a stand 26 cm. Materials used – leather, silver, metal, natural fabrics, jewelry, hair – goat, painting – pastel, acrylic



A philologist by education. I was carried away by dolls completely unexpectedly for myself in 2014. Member of the Baltic Guild of Artists’ Dolls and Toys. Participant of international virtual competitions since 2014, regular participant of international exhibitions Munecart, participant of exhibitions in Belarus (2017 exhibition of dolls based on paintings by Petr Frolov), Kyrgyzstan (2017), Latvia (Riga Art Nouveau Museum 2018, Daugavpils Museum of Local Lore and Art 2018)

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