Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt

Oksana Makhova

Theater on Wheels

The work “Theater on Wheels” was made specially for the competition called “The Magic World of Theater on Wheels”. This project will take place in the city of Prague (Czech Republic) in November 2020.

The meaning of my work was an attempt to realize the fleetingness and transience of human life. The symbol of life in the composition is the railway. I deliberately depicted it in fragments in order to strengthen the viewer’s feeling that the period of time we live through comes out, as it were, from “nowhere” and goes to “nowhere.”

Two puppet images in theatrical costumes are the acceptance of the fact that we and those around us are forced to play a role determined by our circumstances.

Despite all the apparent sadness of this situation, I really want to enjoy the beauty of this short adventure to the fullest.

Theater on Wheels

Price: The work may only be available for sale in November 2020 after the exhibition in Prague. The price is negotiable.

Materials: Clay for modeling “Das”, textiles, wood, etc.

Size: width 82 cm (with stand), height 40 cm. , depth 28 cm.



My name is Oksana Makhova

Since childhood, I wanted to be an artist, so while still a schoolgirl I began to attend an art studio and circles where various types of applied arts were taught.

Graduated from art college with a degree in industrial graphics and design.

After graduation, I worked in a puppet theater. I am a director of several performances.

Until now, I work with several theaters as a production designer.

Simultaneously with the theater, I was engaged in artistic graphics. I participated in exhibitions, including a solo exhibition with a series of graphic works.

I started working on designer dolls in Israel. And today I think this is the most interesting activity. Most of all, this kind of art attracts me with its novelty (since the author’s doll began to be considered as an art object quite recently). It is also possible to combine various techniques and styles in it, such as sculpture, painting, graphics, hand-made, make-up, stylistic design and others.

It is through the art of designer dolls that I can most fully express my thoughts and feelings, completely without any restrictions.

There are many plans, ideas, pans ahead, and many, many amazingly interesting work.

Participation in exhibitions:

“Wonderful Dream World” May 2019, Petach – Tikva, Israel.

Doll Prague 2019 November 2019, Prague, Czech Republic.

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