Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt

Oksana Sadovnikova


I am glad to present to you the beautiful Peter bear, made of alpaca, filled with sawdust and glass granulate, with a cotter pin.


Price: 190 €, worldwide shipping for free

Peter’s height is 30 cm. The bear is tinted with oil paints. The clothes are made of cotton, cotton lace and satin ribbon, tinted with oil paints. completely removable, decorated with a bell pinned. All clothes are removed. Peter sits on his own, stands with support.

Mr. Darcy

Tall bear, Mr. Darcy’s height is 40 cm. Sewn from curly viscose, filled with sawdust, wood chips and glass granulate, has a cotter pin. Filling Mr. Darcy with sawdust allows him to nod his head. Mr. Darcy is tinted with oil paints.

Mr. Darcy

Price: 290 €, worldwide shipping for free

The clothes are made of cotton, velvet, corduroy, cotton lace, tinted with oil paints. Clothes are removed. The hat is sewn to the head. Decorated with a silk bow, metal buttons, a watch and a smoking pipe. Leather boots are removable. Stands with a stand.



Dear friends, My name is Oksana Sadovnikova.

I live in Kaliningrad, a small town in Russia. I am a participant in various international exhibitions. I’m sure many of us had a favorite teddy bear as a child, who always walked and slept with you, ate your sweet porridge and kept your secrets … Collectible teddy bears can become a part of the interior and bring warmth and comfort to your home. The collectible bear is a touching gift for your beloved friend and can be a great little friend for your child. Collecting bears is a new and good fashion for all mankind. My bears live all over the world. Each teddy bear is the result of a search for vivid images and mood. When I created the bear, generally accepted standards of technology and sewing materials were applied, and, of course, random touches found original solutions. We wish you a good day and good mood!

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