Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt


Svetlana Rumyantseva

Hare Alfredo

Hare Alfredo

Price: 220 €

Made in accordance with all the teddy rules. The bunny is sewn from German viscose, filled with sawdust and metal granulate for weight. The head, arms and legs are on cotter pins, the ears are reinforced. Toning is done with oil paints. The approximate height of the toy while sitting with the ears is 23cm.

Alfredo is wearing suspenders and a shirt. Like a real gentleman, he wears a bow tie. All work is done by hand, without machine seams.



I am an engineer by education and I continue to work for them)

Since childhood, I have always sewed and knitted, I adored playing with dolls and, probably, I haven’t played enough with them … And for two years now I have been creating toys in the style of teddy. I devote all my free time from work and family to my favorite hobby and can no longer imagine my life without it!

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