Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt

Tatiana Grishaeva


Benjamin is a new character of the Retro Beach project, the project I create is inspired by old photographs of beach portraits. A dreamy character, slowly enjoying the weather, nature, launching a kite into the sky. All the most important here and now, dreams, sea, warm sand, lulling breeze, and let the whole world wait


Price: 130 euros, shipping, to any country in the world, included in the price.
The doll not for sale, it can be repeated

A static doll made of self-hardening material “Darwi roc”. Height 15 cm with a couch, painted with acrylics and watercolors.


All girls want to be fashionable and beautiful, even if they are Pugs!

Little Fashionista follows new trends and knows exactly what they are wearing this season! And to be in the spotlight, I dressed in a red jacket and a couturier hat😊

Recently, I have been doing mostly retro-style works, I wanted to add something modern and bright.

The doll is in a private collection


Price: The doll is in a private collection

Static doll, made in a mixed technique of dry felting and amigurumi. Swivel head, legs on a wire frame, you can change the position.

Used materials such as merino wool, acrylic yarn, baked plastic “Living doll”, natural leather, silk, silk organza, tulle, wool filling, cotter pins, wire frame, glass eyes, Pan pastel tinting.

Height with cap 40 cm.

Pug Cowboy

The doll was made by order of the “WYOMING PUG RESCUE” charity organization, which is involved in helping and rescuing Pugs in Wyoming, USA.

Wyoming is a state of cowboys, which is why the symbol of the organization is the Pug – a cowboy. The image is so vivid, filled with details that the work on the doll brought a lot of positive emotions!

Pug Cowboy

Price: Doll not for sale

A static doll made of self-hardening material “Ladoll”. Height 27 cm, painted with acrylics and watercolors, made in a single copy.



I started to study designer dolls in 2013, first as a hobby, now it is my main job. Basically I create dolls in the form of dogs, my favorite breeds are Pug and French Bulldog. I work with self-hardening materials and in a mixed technique of amigurumi and dry felting. I give master classes.

Participant of international exhibitions in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Israel. since 2018 member of “The Baltic Guild of doll and toy artist”

received awards for participation in competitions:

– “The Age of Russian Cinema Tatiana’s Day” in Riga for the accurate transfer of the image and artistic performance 2016

– award “best master” Handoki internet portal of handmade goods 2016

– victory in the “Incarnation” category of the online competition of the “Puppet Master” magazine 2018

Awards and diplomas

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