Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt

Tatiana Polyakova

Hare «Truck driver’s son»

Doll idea: children of a difficult post-war period. Clothes from my father’s shoulder, shoes inherited from my older brother. Not every child has a father. Therefore, dad is a Hero and an example to follow in everything: in the profession, in a steaming cheap cigarette in his mouth, in the ability to defend his opinion … And sometimes you just want to play football!

Hare «Truck driver’s son»

Price: not for sale

The hare is made of wool using the “dry felting” technique.

In the cigarette for the hare, the real tobacco of the cigarette “BELOMORKANAL” is used.

Neck, ears, hands and fingers, legs are reinforced with copper wire and are mobile.

The doll’s height is 38 cm without ears.

«Raven Felix»

Raven Felix is a serious man with an iron character. Dandy and conqueror of women’s hearts. Strong and tenacious. Only a compassionate, caring Crow can easily obey.

«Raven Felix»

Price: not for sale

Made in mixed media from the following materials:

self-hardening plastic “La Doll”, wool, cord, fabric. Wings, paws, toes on wings and feet, neck are reinforced with copper wire. The head, wings and fingers on the wings are mobile.

The doll’s height is 21 cm without a hat.

«Сrow Hasya»

Crow Hasya is the mother of the crow family. He has a funny character and an excellent sense of humor. Kind, attentive and curious. An active defender of the interests of the crow community.

«Сrow Hasya»

Price: not for sale

Made of self-hardening plastics “La Doll” and “Darwi Roc”.

All the limbs, all the fingers of the doll, and the neck are reinforced with copper wire. Hands, feet, head are mobile.

The height of the doll in a sitting position on a flat surface is 22.5 cm.



Was born 62 years ago in Minsk, Belarus.

In 1982 she graduated from BSTHI (now: Bel. State Academy of Arts) with a degree in Industrial Art

The first work at the MAZ enterprise received a “Certificate for an Industrial Design” No. 20414 from the State Committee of the USSR for Inventions and Discoveries.

Soon I was forced to leave work and become a housewife.

In her free time, I continued to engage in creative work: unique leather products participated in several sales exhibitions.

In 2009 I decided to take up an author’s doll and studied at the “Workshop of an author’s doll” under I. Rozhko. In 2017, I took a master class on working with self-hardening plastic at N. Tsiganovskaya.

Participated in the following exhibitions:

“Balaganchik” – an exhibition of author’s dolls, Minsk, 2011, organizer I. Rozhko (awarded the Audience Award Diploma), 2012 (Participant Diploma)

– “The Art of Dolls” – Moscow International Exhibition in 2011 (awarded with the Diploma “Winner of the nomination” Doll made of self-hardening plastics “”.

“Spadarynya Lyalka” – an exhibition of author’s dolls, Minsk, 2013, organizer I. Rozhko (Participant diploma)

“KINGITUS” – exhibition of designer dolls, Tallinn, Estonia, 2014, (Participant’s certificate)

“LELLU VASARA PREILOS” – International Festival Art Of Dolls, Preili, Latvia, VladLena art doll, 2015, 2016, 2017 (Participant diplomas)

“Panna Doll’ya” – international exhibition of author’s dolls, Minsk, Belarus, organizer N. Tsiganovskaya, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 (Participant diplomas)

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