Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt

Tatiana Trefilova


Think it’s just a doll? No – this is a little dancer named Tiramisu)) She is tender and piquant at the same time.

Tiramisu translates from Italian as “cheer me up”, “lift me up”

They say that the real tiramisu dessert can only be tasted in Italy. This means that the food with the same name that I ate was not the right desserts))

Unfortunately, many do not have the opportunity to taste this heavenly delicacy in Italy. As a consolation, I decided to cook Tiramisu according to my recipe. Perhaps I messed everything up with the products)) Most likely, my dessert will also be very different from the real one. And the doll is not edible;). But little Tiramisu will bring everyone a moment of joy, and a smile, like a real dessert)


Price: 210 € shipping is not included

Boudoir, collectible, movable doll Tiramisu

Feb 2020

Height 33 cm (13 inches)

Baked polymer clay, goat curls, cotton, staple, lace, genuine leather.

Stand included.


This funny, mischievous boy is not just a child – this is a real cake. In Russia, this dessert is called by the big name Napoleon! This is probably why I wanted to put him at the head of the collection. Why not the commander-in-chief of all desserts?) And the faithful caramel horse on a stick is always there! Unless a triangular hat is not enough to become a real Napoleon;))

It turns out that in different countries this dessert has its own name.

In Russia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, Lithuania and the USA, the cake is named after the French Emperor – “Napoleon”

In Poland – “kremovka” and “napoleonka”

In Italy – “Neapolitan” or “a thousand layers”

In France, Canada and England – “a thousand layers” (millefeuille)

In the UK, New Zealand and Australia, the name translates as “cream slice” or “vanilla slice” (vanilla slice, custard slice, cream slice)

In Belgium and the Netherlands, the dessert is known as “tompouce”

In Hungary – “French royal cream”


Price: 210 € shipping is not included

Boudoir, movable doll Napoleon 2020

Height 33 cm (13 inches)

Baked polymer clay, goat curls, cotton, corduroy, lace, genuine leather.

Stand included.



I was born and live in Russia. All my life I have been doing creative work. I have no art education, but I have dreamed about it since childhood. I am a tailor by profession. I have been sewing and designing clothes for over 20 years.

At some point, I wanted to sew handmade dolls. My first toys were made from textiles. I started sculpting dolls from polymer clay almost 2 years ago, having fallen in love with the work of one wonderful master. Now I create beauty every day. In 2 years I have learned how to create designer dolls in many techniques, including bgd. I think that in such a short period of time I have achieved some success.

I love to sculpt by hand, I do not use molds. The clothes are sewn and designed by me individually for each doll. I am not interested in repetitions, so each of my dolls is exclusive.

MuñecArt is my first exhibition in which I participate as an independent author. Previously, only a few of my dolls participated in exhibitions.

Especially for the exhibition, I started to create my own collection “Sweet Babies”. So far it has only 2 dolls, but in the future I want to replenish this collection. I wanted to make funny dessert baby dolls to sweeten your life during these difficult times. I hope you enjoy the desserts made with love according to my signature recipes))

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