Participant of the V international exhibition MuñecArt

Anna Kobzeva

Sobraniye sochineniy

Title of the series of works: “Sobraniye sochineniy”

These works were inspired by phrases from their favorite works (“Only one heart is vigilant ..”, “Life is like a box of chocolates ..”, “Mentally, he always called the sea ..”)

Sobraniye sochineniy
Single copy
Price of one piece 95 €
Price of the entire composition 450 €

The size of one figure is 23cm (standing), 17cm (sitting)



Doll of the Year 2015 winner in the “Doll dynamics” category,

Doll of the year 2019- “Christmas tree toy”,

Doll of the Year (I don’t remember, it was long ago)) – Doll composition “

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