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Patrizia Cozzo

Spring Fairy

Description: she is inspired by the blooming Spring, she can be displayed with or without wings.

Spring Fairy
Single copy
Price: 620 €

Materialused: Polymerclay, hand made “glasslike” flowers, wood, paper, trims, viscosa hairs, metal wings


Dollsize: 22 cm – Total height with the base 27,5 cm

Théâtre de Papier

Description: she is inspired by the beautiful Marie Antoinette private theatreat the Chateau de Versailles, build from poor materials such as “papermache” in order to keep the constructions costs low, that’s why it is also known as “Paper Theatre”

Théâtre de Papier
Single copy
Price: 680€

Material used: Polymerclay, hand dyed silk, wood, antique laces, trims and paper, wool.


Size: Total height 28 cm on average.



Patrizia Cozzo is a self-taught doll maker. Born in Tuscany in 1972, now she lives in a small town in Umbria with her husband and two children. She has always been fascinated by art, but in her school career could not follow this inclination and had a scientific background instead. Passionate about cinema and illustration, during her university years, she entered the world of comics doing the lettering for several comic books even winning one of the most prestigious awards in the industry in its category and, in the meantime, she became passionate about polymer clay and making jewelry and small funny animals.

In 2005 She discovered the world of art dolls, while surfing the internet. In 2007 she began sculpting her own dolls finding in them the perfect medium to express her creativity and continue to cultivate her twenty year old love for polymer clay. Today she creates miniature dolls in Prosculpt that she then paints, dresses and wigs using preferably, handmade paper, silk and natural fibers and antique lace. Her favorite subjects are related to nature, mythology and literature written or painted.

  • 2010 Colliii Award Best One of a kind Mini Fantasy Figure
  • 2011 Second place Prosculpt Award Contest – advanced category
  • 2011 Artist of the Year IADR
  • 2011 Colliii Award Best One of a kind Mini Fantasy Figure
  • 2012 Honorable Mention Prosculpt Awards
  • 2014 Third Place Hannie Sarris Doll Award
  • 2015 Special Guest At Dabida (Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists)
  • 2015 Published in the second volume of “The Finest Dolls of World”
  • 2016 PDMAG Gold Award
  • 2017 PDMAG Gold Award
  • 2017 Artist of the Year IADR and Overall Best in show
  • 2018 PDMAG Gold Award
  • 2018 Doll of the Year IADR and Overall Best in Show
  • 2019 PDMAG Gold Award and “Master Artist” Recognition
  • 2020 PDMAG Gold Award


4 thoughts on “Patrizia Cozzo”

    1. Patrizia Cozzo is one of the premiere doll masters in the field today. Additionally, she is one of the finest people I know.


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