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Victoria Fribus

Viki Fribus


Author’s jointed doll

Author: Victoria FribusVFDolls

Year of creation: 2020

Size: 43 cm. 35 points of articulation.

Material: polyurethane, alpaca wig, clothes and shoes created by the author.

Collie dog @olga_kobrina is not for sale.

The doll can only be purchased by prior order, which takes place twice a year.
Pre-order announcement and information can be found on my Instagram blog: @vf_dolls

Basic model cost: 700 €
Payment by installments is possible.
Prepayment is required: 300 €
Delivery cost depends on the place of residence of the recipient.
Production time: 6-8 months from the date of completion of the pre-order.

Pre order

The pre-order includes a doll of the basic model and, if desired, you can order additional options.

Basic model:

Doll without painting, assembled with elastic band
Hinges glued with suede or hot glue
A pair of eyes in a random color
Certificate of Authenticity
Branded box

The model is available in four colors:

Light Normal
Normal Pink
Light tan


Additional eyes 8 mm .: 15, – €
Additional head: 80, – €
Additional hands: 50, – €
Additional feet: 60, – €
Wig: 80, – €
Face painting: 80, – €
Body painting: 100, – €
Painting only hands or feet: 50, – € (together 80, – €)

In the ocean of the universe

In the ocean of the universe
Price: 2000 €
Delivery cost depends on the place of residence of the recipient.

Size: 43 cm.

Year: 2020

Material: polymer clay, epoxy resin


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