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Victoria Fribus

Viki Fribus


Author’s jointed doll

Author: Victoria FribusVFDolls

Year of creation: 2020

Size: 43 cm. 35 points of articulation.

Material: polyurethane, alpaca wig, clothes and shoes created by the author.

Collie dog @olga_kobrina is not for sale.

The doll can only be purchased by prior order, which takes place twice a year.
Pre-order announcement and information can be found on my Instagram blog: @vf_dolls

Basic model cost: 700 €
Payment by installments is possible.
Prepayment is required: 300 €
Delivery cost depends on the place of residence of the recipient.
Production time: 6-8 months from the date of completion of the pre-order.

Pre order

The pre-order includes a doll of the basic model and, if desired, you can order additional options.

Basic model:

Doll without painting, assembled with elastic band
Hinges glued with suede or hot glue
A pair of eyes in a random color
Certificate of Authenticity
Branded box

The model is available in four colors:

Light Normal
Normal Pink
Light tan


Additional eyes 8 mm .: 15, – €
Additional head: 80, – €
Additional hands: 50, – €
Additional feet: 60, – €
Wig: 80, – €
Face painting: 80, – €
Body painting: 100, – €
Painting only hands or feet: 50, – € (together 80, – €)

In the ocean of the universe

In the ocean of the universe
Price: 2000 €
Delivery cost depends on the place of residence of the recipient.

Size: 43 cm.

Year: 2020

Material: polymer clay, epoxy resin



I was born in 1977 into a creative family of a musician and fashion designer.

From early childhood, she absorbed the love of art and creativity. Most of all she loved to draw, sculpt from plasticine and create beautiful outfits and decorations for herself and her dolls.

After graduating from general education and art school,
Victoria entered the Faculty of Architecture and studied at higher institutions of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Dusseldorf.

However, she did not work as an architect for long, since the constant need for self-improvement, love for creativity and the desire to learn as much new and interesting in creativity as possible, tipped the scales in the direction of art.
Of course, architectural education was not a waste of time and further influenced the artist’s work in the visual arts with an engineering touch.

In 2011, Victoria stops working in an architectural bureau and becomes a freelance artist. It was then that interest in sculpture appeared,
doll sculpture and a little later modeling of the ball-jointed doll.

She is not afraid to experiment, combining different materials and techniques in one piece, which gives charm, originality and uniqueness to her creations.

Since 2019, Victoria Fribus is a member of the international puppet guild “The Professional Doll Makers Art Guild” (PDMAG)

Many works are in private collections, exhibited in international galleries and at various exhibitions in Russia and Europe.



Personal exhibition “Emotions” at the cultural center “Kreuzer”, portrait painting, Essen, Germany.


Europe’s leading exhibition of creative design “CREATIVA”, Dortmund, Germany.


International Exhibition of Contemporary Art “Art Ankara”, Ankara, Turkey.

Since 2016
repeated participation in international exhibitions and competitions of puppetry art:

“International Doll Spring”, Münster, Germany.
International Exhibition-Fair “Euro Teddy”, Essen, Germany.
“ART DOLLS EXPO”, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
International exhibition of dolls and teddy bears “The Big Event”, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.
International exhibition of designer dolls “Munec Art”, Alicante, Spain.
“Doll Prague”, Prague, Czech Republic.
International festival of author’s dolls “Puppet summer in Preili”, Preili, Latvia.
International dog show “Nukukunst”, Tallinn, Estonia.
“International Ball of the Author’s Doll on Tishinka”, Moscow, Russia.
“International Salon of Author’s Dolls”, Moscow, Russia.
Moscow International Exhibition “The Art of Dolls”, Moscow, Russia.
International exhibition of dolls and Teddy bears “Time of dolls”, St. Petersburg, Russia.
“Dollscar”, Moscow, Russia.


2012 r.

Laureate of the online competition “Bestiary”.

Feb 2016

Competition “Flower Power”, Münster,
Germany. Winner of the “Amalia” prize.

2017, 2018

Competition “Max-Oscar-Arnold” (“Max-Oscar-Arnold”) in the field of contemporary doll art, Neustadt bei Coburg, Germany.

Oct 2018

Online competition “Doll of the Year”, winner in the thematic category “And the features are hidden by the mask.”

Dec 2019

Online competition “Gaudir”, Audience Award.

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